Thursday, July 31, 2014

ISEE & SSAT Test Preparation Online

heather spiegelHello, I’m Heather Spiegel and I take a personal interest in your child’s educational success.  Preparing your child for the ISEE or SSAT exam is a priceless gift.  Many of the children that your child will be competing against have spent countless hours prepping for these tests, so it is essential for your child to get to work preparing for the ISEE or the SSAT as soon as possible.

The key to success on the ISEE test or SSAT exam is preparation and practice. Preparation starts with the thorough understanding of the fundamental aspects of the exam. Once we have reviewed the format of the exam, we teach every possible topic, and use ISEE practice tests, and SSAT practice tests to familiarize your child with the actual  material  that they will encounter on the exam. This review, practice, and sample test taking  will give them an edge over the competition and they will be excited to take the exam when they see the real thing on test day.

We also take preparation two steps further by teaching your child valuable test taking tips and strategies that can give them an enormous advantage over others who are taking the tests. Having a test taking plan and being familiar with the test format, style and content will have them relaxed, confident and ready on test day.



ISEE Test Prep

Benefits that your child will be able to take advantage of through include:

  • ISEE exam training that is conceptually rich, so that your child will be able to apply the skills that they learn to actual questions that appear on the test.
  • A tutor who is on-screen (via video) for around 8 hours and spends an additional 12 hours going over problems and solutions in an interactive format.
  • The ability to choose the module that they want to practice and listen to the lecture or interact with hundreds of ISEE practice test questions.
  • The opportunity to revisit any practice module they want, any time they want. This allows them to become comfortable with the material on their own schedule.

All of this at the special discounted price of just $99, as opposed to almost $2,000 with a private tutor who your child cannot utilize anytime they need to. This is the chance you have been waiting for to give your child the advantage they need to get into the private school of their choice.


SSAT Test Prep

The SSAT is one of the major private school and boarding school admission tests predominately given in the United States and Canada. The Secondary School Aptitude Test is offered throughout the fall and winter in a Lower Level for middle school admission and Upper Level for private high school admission. Like the ISEE test, it is not the sole criteria used for admission decisions, but it can be considered the benchmark for consideration. If you want your child to be considered for a seat in a private school class, it is important that they excel on the SSAT test, and submit an application that presents a bright and well-rounded student and citizen.  At we guarantee to improve your SSAT score, and we will also provide essential, yet practical advice on presenting a compelling application.


What We Offer

Private tutoring for the ISEE or the SSAT can cost about $100 per hour. So, for the cost of about 1 hour of private tutoring, we will equip your child with the information, practice, and confidence that they need to score high on the ISEE or SSAT exam. Each student will receive exclusive 24 hour access to the private member’s only area of our website to enjoy online learning in the convenience of their home. In the member’s area they will interact with our Math, Verbal, and Essay lessons, play educational word and number games, and most importantly, practice their skills on hundreds of ISEE or SSAT style sample questions available only on


One year access to our entire vault of test prep and testing practice material for only $99


ISEE Lower Level Entering 5th or 6th Grade isee ssat prep
ISEE Middle Level Entering 7th or 8th Grade isee prep
ISEE Upper Level Entering 9th, 10th or 11th grade isee test prep
SSAT Lower Level Entering 6th, 7th or 8th Grade ssat prep
SSAT Upper Level Entering 9th, 10th or 11th grade ssat test prep


A great primary and secondary education is the key to admittance into an exceptional college and a stellar career and successful life for your child. A little preparation now can dramatically increase the chances of success in the future.  We cherish the opportunity to help.  Please sign up now – risk free.




One year access to our entire vault of test prep and practice material for only $99


Whether your test date is in a few months, or a few days, right now is the best time to enroll and begin the process of improving your score on the ISEE test or SSAT test.